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Macomb Twp Chiropractic Arthritis Disc Bulge

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Common Conditions

Ligaments, which hold vertebrae together, shorten around the misalignment and adapt to the abnormal shape of the spine (ie. abnormal posture). 
Muscles, which move bones, spasm and cause pain in an attempt to prevent further misalignment of the bones (ie. abnormal posture).
 Discs, the cartilage pad between vertebrae, begin to degenerate and thin because of abnormal stresses and strains which is an additional source of pain.  The discs may even begins to bulge placing even more stress on the delicate spinal chord and nerves.

Furthermore, when a misalignment is present for a long period of time, the vertebrae undergo arthritic changes do to the abnormal stress and strains of a prolonged abnormal posture.  Degenerative Disc Disease (Oseto Arthritis) is a progressive condition in a subluxated spine, that if left uncorrected, will continue to degenerate. As seen in the stages of spinal degeneration chart below.
The Effects Of Subluxation?
Inside your skull you have a brain. It connects to the spinal cord which travels down the vertebral column. The vertebral column  is composed of 24 movable bones called vertebrae. Between each movable bone a nerve exits and goes to every cell tissue, and organ in the body. When one or more of these bones come out of normal alignment it can put pressure on a nerve. This interrupts the communication between the brain and that part of the body that the nerve goes to. A Chiropractor's job is to make sure there are no misalignments of  the spines and posture interfering with the nervous system.
  The spine is one of the most vital parts of the human body. It is composed of 24 movable bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae surround and protect the nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates every cell tissue and organ in the body. 
    When the vertebrae become misaligned it causes interference with the nervous system. This nervous system interference can cause everything from pain to disease. 
    By improving posture and spinal biomechanics (spinal position) the stress and strain upon the nervous system is minimized and the body has the greatest opportunity to heal.

Why Chiropractic?

A Chiropractor detects and corrects a condition called the vertebral subluxation.   A subluxation is a vertebra (spinal segment) or group of vertebrae (posture) that loses its proper position in the spine, which alters the normal curves of the spine when viewed from the side and deviates from straight when viewed from the front. These bony misalignments of the spine and posture can apply tension and pinching to the delicate nervous system (the brain, spinal chord and spinal nerves). 
What does a Chiropractor Do?
Spine and Posture.   
Subluxated Spine and Posture
Disc Bulge