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Helping Patients With:
  -  Neck Pain
   - Upper Back Pain
   - Low Back Pain
   - Disc Problems
   - Headaches
   - Sciatica
   - Shoulder Pain
   - Arm Pain
   -  Leg Pain
   - Numbness
   - Carpal Tunnel
   - Hip Pain
   - Sinus Problems
   - and More....
What Happens During The MUA Procedure?
Intravenous conscious sedation shuts off the muscle spasm cycle, sedates the pain perceiving nerves, and allows complete muscle relaxation. Although the patient is asleep, his/her protective reflexes remain intact. The physician is then able to gently manipulate the joints through their normal range of motion, reduce restrictive adhesions and reduce the misalignment of the spine. The procedure usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes and the patient wakes up quickly thereafter and is monitored by qualified personnel until ready to be discharged. MUA is performed in a state licensed out patient surgical center. The medical team includes a board certified anesthesiologist, MUA certified physicians, and high-tech RNs. The MUA procedure is typically repeated 3 days consecutively.

What Can The Patient Expect From Having MUA?
The patient should experience an immediate increase in range of motion. There may be some temporary muscle soreness similar to completing an aggressive exercise session. In cases involving symptoms caused by adhesions and shortened tissues, there should be a significant change, either immediate or within a short period following the procedures. The pain reduction that follows is usually dramatic. The most effective post MUA care is an active rehabilitation program developed by your chiropractor/physician. This regimented post-procedure therapy will help the patient learn the necessary elements of maintaining function and range of motion, regaining strength and prevent future pain and disability.

How are candidates chosen?
The screening process includes a medical history and physical examination. CBC blood studies, a chest x-ray, EKG’s and  pregnancy testing for female if child bearing age (unless documented otherwise). An MRI or CAT Scan is also needed to support the need for treatment.

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MUA can help:
• Neck, mid-back and
  low back pain
• Acute and chronic
  muscle spasm
• Decreased spinal
  range of motion
• Nerve entrapment
• Sciatica
• Disc bulging
• Failed back surgery
• Chronic headaches
• Frozen shoulder
• Hip joint restrictions
Manipulation Under Anesthesia - MUA
Dr. McNeil is one of only a handful of doctors in Michigan certified in MUA. Manipulation Under Anesthesia, otherwise known as MUA, is a noninvasive outpatient procedure offered for acute and chronic conditions which include: neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle spasm, fibrous adhesion and long-term painful conditions. By lightly anesthetizing a patient, previously painful adjustments and movements are accomplished quickly and pain free helping to greatly improve or even restore range of motion. MUA is a viable alternative for those patients who do not respond to traditional conservative care or other invasive procedures such as surgery.

Watch this MUA patient success story.
Dr. McNeil and Dr. Iskander at the Surgery Center in Clinton Twp MI
Dr. McNeil with two nurses at the Surgery Center in Clinton Twp MI
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