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Top 7 Pain Relief Home Remedies

1. Are We On Your Insurance Plan
2. How many visits does my insurance cover
3. How much does a treatment cost
4. Insurance Copay/Deductible
5. How soon can I be seen

Macomb Twp Chiropractic Insurance FAQ

Common Conditions
Macomb Township Chiropractic Insurance FAQ

One of the most frequently asked questions about our office is “Do you take my insurance?” Odds are, yes! We do accept most insurances offered in the Detroit area, including all personal injury and workers compensation insurances. If you would like to find out whether or not we accept your insurance and what your coverage is, call the office and we will contact your insurance company to find out. We can even find out what your copay or deductible is and we can have that information ready for you when you get to our office.

If your insurance does cover chiropractic care, another frequently asked question at Macomb Township Chiropractic is “how many visits per year does my plan cover?” With so many different insurance companies, there is obviously no single answer. Most insurance companies with chiropractic coverage will cover ten to twenty-four and even sometimes up to thirty-six chiropractic treatments in a year. Different plans also have different copays—for example, the Medicare copay is usually five to ten dollars. Macomb Township auto accident injury cases usually have 100% coverage (no copay). 

With no insurance coverage, our office fees are typically fifty dollars. However, cash payments can receive time of service discounts, payment plans, or discount plans!