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Dr. Christopher McNeil Macomb Township Chiropractor Pain Relief Tips

by Dr. Chris McNeil on 11/09/12

Dr. Christopher McNeil  Macomb Township Chiropractor and clinic director of Macomb Township Chiropractic, www.MetroDetroitChiropractors.com and Chiropractor Ferndale offers a FREE  Pain Relief Home Remedies video series on the web site.

The doctors are often asked by patients what they can do at home to naturally provide pain relief so thats when Dr McNeil decided to provide this valuable information to the public.  Since all medications have side effects it is in the chiropractic philosophy to try alternatives to medication along with Chiropractic care and massage therapy before medications. 

Did you know that nearly 20,000 people die every year because of bleeding stomach ulcers caused by NSAID's like Aspirin and Mortin.  Did you also know that acetaminophen like in Tylenol and Vicoden is on of the leading causes of liver failure and liver transplants?  Thats why its so important to try and avoid medications at all cost and be used as only a last result.

In the Pain Relief Home Remedies video series Dr. McNeil discusses many ways to decrease pain and inflammation naturally at home.   Some of these remedies include using ice, heat, essential fatty acids and different herbs to assist the body naturally with pain relief. Many of these remedies have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years.  Click hear to gain access to Dr. McNeils
Pain Relief Home Remedies video series.

Always remember that neither  natural remedies or medications can correct a chiropractic spinal misalignment is that is the cause of your neck pain, back pain, numbness or headaches.  Macomb Township, Deroit and Ferndale residents can visit our clinics for a FREE consultation and then we can try detrmine the cause of your pain and correct it if it is a chiropractic condition. If not we will refer you to a specialist who may be able to help.

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